What is this?

RobotsandMonsters.org is an effort started by Joe Alterio to trade original commisioned art for donations to a good cause. Everybody wins.

You can always check out Joe's blog for updates about R and M, new products, as well as his own personal work.

What's the cause?

Our cause rotates every quarter. Sometimes, it's people that approach us: other times, it's a cause that we've found on our own that we really like. Check out the Donation page to see our current charitable obsession.

Our most recent success was with the SF AIDS Foundation, for whom we raised an eye-popping 11,890 dollars. Wow!

Who's gonna draw my picture?

Well, it could be Joe , or it could be one of our incredible Special Contributors, all of whom are amazing. It's a bit of a dice toss as to who you get drawing your picture, but if you have a severe desire for one above the rest, we can at least try and accomodate.

What do I get?

You get the original piece of art, 6" x 6", signed, of a robot or monster or both (your choice), as defined by three words you provide, like "Green, tenctale, airplane." or "Tiny, hotdog, blue". An image of one robot or monster is 50 bucks. Your art will be drawn as per your specifications and mailed in a flat mailer to your address. Your image will also be uploaded to the menagerie gallery with your words.

Why robots and monsters?

Nothing deep here. They're just fun to draw and look at.

Ok, I feel like being a good human being AND receiving some bad ass art. What do I do?

Donate to the cause here, and follow the steps.

What's the long view?

We're trying to turn RobotsandMonsters.org into a continually charitable source, with many artists doing many drawings for many causes, as well as being a hot gallery for all the drawings. Stay tuned.

Also, as an artsy-fartsy aside, we like the stream of consciousness that this project demands, between the three defining words and the relative infinite possibilities of imaginative permatations. It's a good excercise in collective imagination.

I'm a kick-ass artist and I want to draw some robots and monsters for a good cause. How can I help?

Contact us at donate (at) robotsandmonsters.org, and thanks, you good doobie.

Can I get on your mailing list?

Sure, just tell us at donate (at) robotsandmonsters.org .

The fine print

Depending on how generous the donations are at any given time, there may be a little backlog when it comes to receiving the art. We'll do our best to be frank with you in regards to estimated time of completion, and try to hit any deadlines you need, if you tell us up front.

RobotsAndMonsters.org, while a charitable effort, is not a non-profit: we take out costs associated with labor, supplies, and mailing. 60% of your donation goes to the cause: the other 40% goes towards administration and upkeep. This is in line with a broad spectrum of chairtable giving. I wish we could be 100% charitable, but then, we'd be living in a cardboard box. For more info on use of the donated percentage, please contact The Cause directly. Due to the nature of our effort, we cannot provide tax deduction receipts. But then, you get a piece of art, so that's pretty cool.

While you become the orginal owner of the piece of art, you are not the image copyright holder: it is for express personal use only. Images may not reproduced for commercial gain without contacting the artist directly for reproduction permission. This isn't a sneaky way to get some illustration work done, cheapskate. Additionally, the image created may be used for a variety of R and M promotional purposes without limit.

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Questions/comments? Contact donate (at) robotsandmonsters.org